Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AOIT Art Final Part Three

This is my most successful piece because of the creativity and photoshop skills used. I had to make the name "Willy Wonka" disappear, replace it with Natalia's name and photoshop her face in as well. I did a good job matching up colors and making her head fit in well under the hat. I also lengthened pieces of her hair to make it look like the image didn't just cut off and so it'd also look more realistic. 
I Create Original Art
I thought creatively in the making of this piece and had to think of what movie I would use and how I would change the title and cover picture. Natalia was a good fit for this project because her name sounded good in the title and her face fit good in place of Willy Wonka's. 
 I Developed My Art Making Skills
Throughout this project I developed my skills of cropping things, painting over text, adding text, making parts the same color as a different piece on the picture, erasing only certain backgrounds, slurring hair to lengthen it and look real, positioning and shaping text certain ways, and more. I now have the knowledge of these new skills and how to use certain tools which helped a lot in the process of making this photoshopped image. 


If I had the chance, I would redo this post-it note art project. I think it could have turned out a lot better than it did with matching up the right colors in the right places. With this project, it was very important what sticky notes went where and I think my group could have taken more time being careful. Besides that, it was a very fun assignment which I'd like to do again. I also thought it was really cool how in the end you could finally see the full  image of Morgan Freeman's face.

AOIT Art Final Part Two

"I Take Risks"
Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project?
For this project, I was very unsure with painting a sky and ocean for there were a lot of colors involved and a lot of small details. For the ocean, there were waves which was risky to paint for me because I was very confused on how I would create the colors I needed and how I would make it look realistic. 
Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?
I picked a technique that I was unfamiliar with but wanted to try so I was introduced to something new. I had to mix multiple colors in order to create new ones and had to blend them on my canvas so the sky looked like it all flowed together and wasn't in different parts.  I was very unsure about this part of the painting because I was only given a few colors of paint to work with so I had to be careful with the colors I mixed and the amount of each color to create the perfect shade or tint I wanted for my sky. 

AOIT Art Final Part One

A. Art played a role in creating this technology opiece in multiple ways. First, I started with a blob figure and created a dolphin out of it. I had to think of aspects of the animal all throughout the body since it was a 3D figure on the screen. Then I had to color and shade the dolphin different ways. I also had to add texture to the dolphin to make it smooth and as life-like as possible. To get the full art effect, a background was added and although it's not an ocean like expected, its something you wouldn't imagine a dolphin to be jumping in which is allowed because it's art and anything possible in art.

B. Technology played a role in this piece of at by first, finding this image of a starbucks drink online and printing it out with gridlines. With the grid lines, we could see what part of the frappe belonged where and which boxes contained certain colors. We took a square board and made our grid lines on the parking lot in which we would then draw our frappe. With the image online, we angled it a certain way on a photo shop app so when you look at the image at a specific angle, it appears 3D. We looked back at the image on paper which guided us to where we should draw each part of the drink in order to get the image to look how it should. This is the final piece of art in which technology played a big role on to get it the way it looks. Without the technology, we would not know where to draw what, or what colors go where, or how to get the image that big on the parking lot. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Movie Poster Parody

This is Natalia's face and name on the movie cover of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Compound Word Art

This is a piece of bread with a face and ginger hair, creating the image of a gingerbread.

Compound Word Art

I searched for compound words, saw "football", and thought I would make a foot into a ball. I put a shadow on it to make it look like an actual object.

This is a picture of peppers twisted into a sphere with a bevel effect and shadow to make a candy mint. I put the peppermint in a wrapper to get the full effect.